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Rs.299 for a Neclife Pregaplan Ovulation Test Kit- Nearbuy Groupon Deals, Online Discount Coupons

Rs.299 for a Neclife Pregaplan Ovulation Test Kit- Nearbuy Groupon Deals, Online Discount Coupons

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Product Overview:

  • Each Kit contains 5 units
  • Works by detection of the LH hormone in urine
  • Indicates the occurrence of ovulation in the next 24 to 36 hours
  • Colored bar indicators.
Plan your Pregnancy With Pregaplan
Motherhood is nature’s most precious blessing given to a woman. However, with the world turning more and more hectic, there may be times when you need help to reach this very beautiful phase of life. Pregaplan is the ultimate answer to all your doubts and anxieties that lets you be sure of the best plausible time to conceive.
The Pregaplan is a one-step ovulation LH test, which is a very simple way for the detection of the LH hormone in a woman’s urine. LH is the luteinizing hormone and an acute rise of this hormone, which we term as the ‘LH surge’, is responsible for triggering ovulation. As Pregaplan ovulation test is an effective aid for the identification of the LH surge, it can also help in timing those special moments, where the chances of contraception are at a maximum.
Know the two special days to welcome the lifelong happiness into your life
Pregaplan is the most reliable, convenient and easy-to-use test kit to determine those two special days with almost cent percent accuracy.
Knowledge of these 2 days has a tremendous significance towards a fruitful pregnancy. The wonderful opportunity comes when the ovary produces an egg ever month. For one to be pregnant, the fertilization process should take place within the next 48 hours. These 2 days (48 hours) have the most critical significance in planning pregnancy. Therefore, if you wish to conceive, ensure that you do not miss these two important days, due to your hectic schedules, negligence or any other lame reason.
For details on the Probable days kindly check the Ovulation calculator here here

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Offer is on a Neclife Pregaplan Ovulation Test Kit

Deals And Offers
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