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Groupon Online Deals in City - Kolkata. Huge Discounts & Lowest Prices with upto 90% Off

Deals in your City

Rs.99.00 instead of Rs.216.00:

Park Street Area: Choice of Meals and Snacks at The Corridor

Rs.99.00instead ofRs.216.00View Groupon The Corridor Kolkata

Rs.199.00 instead of Rs.600.00:

Vivekananda Road: Beauty Services for Women at Fabulooks Salon

Rs.199.00instead ofRs.600.00View Groupon Fabulooks Salon Kolkata

Rs.499.00 instead of Rs.1,255.00:

Chowringhee: 5-Course Lunch OR Dinner at The Fifth Element

Rs.499.00instead ofRs.1,255.00View Groupon The Fifth Element Kolkata

Rs.399.00 instead of Rs.1,099.00:

Sarat Bose Road: Choice of Full Body Massage, Acupressure & MORE at Spalicious Spa

Rs.399.00instead ofRs.1,099.00View Groupon Spalicious Spa Kolkata

Rs.999.00 instead of Rs.60,000.00:

12 Month Sewing & Tailoring Online Course by E-Careers

Rs.999.00instead ofRs.60,000.00View Groupon e-Careers Kolkata

Rs.349.00 instead of Rs.800.00:

Kasba: UNLIMITED Chinese / Indian Meal & UNLIMITED Mocktails at Orko'ss Hotel

Rs.349.00instead ofRs.800.00View Groupon Orkos Hotel Kolkata

Rs.3,999.00 instead of Rs.6,999.00:

Kolkata: 4-Star Luxury Stay for 2 with Meals, Wi-Fi & MORE at Monotel, Salt Lake City - Near the Airport

Rs.3,999.00instead ofRs.6,999.00View Groupon Monotel Kolkata - New year Special Stay package Kolkata

Rs.599.00 instead of Rs.1,600.00:

Jubilee Court: Full Body Massage, Cracked Heel Treatment & MORE at Juice Salon & Spa

Rs.599.00instead ofRs.1,600.00View Groupon Juice Salon & Spa Kolkata

Rs.99.00 instead of Rs.221.00:

Bhawanipur: Veg Meals for up to 2 Persons at Dhamis Food Court

Rs.99.00instead ofRs.221.00View Groupon Choice of Pure Veg Meals - Indian/Chinese at Dhamis Food Court, Bhawanipur Kolkata


16 Locations: Pay Rs.20 & Buy any 6" Sub/Salad + 500ml Drink & Get one 6" Sub/Salad FREE at Subway

Rs.20.00View Groupon Subway Kolkata

Rs.499.00 instead of Rs.2,500.00:

Ether Laundry Services with Pickup & Drop Facility

Rs.499.00instead ofRs.2,500.00View Groupon Ether Laundry Services Kolkata

Rs.99.00 instead of Rs.300.00:

2 Locations: Full Body Massage, Haircut, Hair Spa, Manicure & MORE at Curls N Colors

Rs.99.00instead ofRs.300.00View Groupon Curls N Colors Kolkata

Rs.649.00 instead of Rs.1,799.00:

Weighing Scales – 5 Colors

Rs.649.00instead ofRs.1,799.00View Groupon Cell Plus Kolkata

Rs.599.00 instead of Rs.2,000.00:

CC2: Indian / Chinese / Continental Meal for 2 with Drinks at Blue Nile

Rs.599.00instead ofRs.2,000.00View Groupon Blue Nile Restaurant, City Centre II Kolkata

Rs.199.00 instead of Rs.1,000.00:

Gariahat Road: Choice of Salon Services at Anasa Salon & Spa

Rs.199.00instead ofRs.1,000.00View Groupon Anasa Salon & Spa Kolkata

Rs.199.00 instead of Rs.700.00:

Elgin Road: Hookah, Starters, Pizzas & MORE at Chill Maar

Rs.199.00instead ofRs.700.00View Groupon Chill Maar Kolkata

Rs.199.00 instead of Rs.650.00:

Kestopur: Waxing, Facial, Full Body Massage & MORE at Dewdrops Family Salon & Spa

Rs.199.00instead ofRs.650.00View Groupon Dewdrops Family Salon & Spa Kolkata

Rs.499.00 instead of Rs.1,470.00:

Raja Basanta Roy Road: Combo Meals at The Blue Door

Rs.499.00instead ofRs.1,470.00View Groupon The Blue Door Kolkata

Rs.99.00 instead of Rs.150.00:

Pickup at 6 Locations: Choice of Urzza Drinks

Rs.99.00instead ofRs.150.00View Groupon Urzza Kolkata

Rs.99.00 instead of Rs.1,800.00:

3 Locations: Dance Classes (4 sessions) at Dance Factory

Rs.99.00instead ofRs.1,800.00View Groupon Dance Factory Kolkata

Rs.199.00 instead of Rs.300.00:

Ashutosh Mukherjee Rd: Open Voucher on Small Bites & Cakes at Aromamour

Rs.199.00instead ofRs.300.00View Groupon Aromamour Kolkata

Rs.1,999.00 instead of Rs.12,000.00:

Online: Up to 6 Page Website Development Services at Aastha Services

Rs.1,999.00instead ofRs.12,000.00View Groupon Aastha Services Kolkata

Rs.1,549.00 instead of Rs.4,500.00:

Davidoff Cool Water Perfumes – 2 Options

Rs.1,549.00instead ofRs.4,500.00View Groupon Groupon Goods - CAS Kolkata

Rs.1,099.00 instead of Rs.3,750.00:

Bleu Rucksack

Rs.1,099.00instead ofRs.3,750.00View Groupon Tamanna Exports Kolkata

Rs.349.00 instead of Rs.700.00:

Kalikapur Road: Lunch & Dinner Options at Wasabee "Food For Soul"

Rs.349.00instead ofRs.700.00View Groupon Wasabee

Rs.9,999.00 instead of Rs.10,925.00:

Darjeeling: 1N/2D Couple Stay in a Deluxe Room with Breakfast, Dinner & MORE at The Elgin

Rs.9,999.00instead ofRs.10,925.00View Groupon The Elgin Kolkata

Rs.9,499.00 instead of Rs.11,000.00:

Pelling: 1N/2D Couple Stay in a Deluxe Room with Breakfast & MORE at The Elgin Mount Pandim #1 on TripAdvisor

Rs.9,499.00instead ofRs.11,000.00View Groupon The Elgin Mount Pandim -Pemayangtse Kolkata

Rs.10,499.00 instead of Rs.11,500.00:

Gangtok: 1N/2D Couple Stay in a Deluxe Room with Buffet BreakfastMORE at Elgin Nor-Khill. #3 on TripAdvisor

Rs.10,499.00instead ofRs.11,500.00View Groupon The Elgin Nor-Khill Kolkata

Rs.27,999.00 instead of Rs.30,000.00:

Gangtok: 2N OR 3N Couple Stay in a Deluxe Room with Meals & MORE at Mayfair Spa Resort & Casino - Ranked 2 on TripAdvisor

Rs.27,999.00instead ofRs.30,000.00View Groupon MAYFAIR Spa Resort & Casino Kolkata

Rs.4,999.00 instead of Rs.7,519.00:

Gangtok: 2N OR 3N Couple Stay in a Deluxe Double Room with Breakfast. Rated 4 on TripAdvisor

Rs.4,999.00instead ofRs.7,519.00View Groupon White Conch Residency Kolkata

Rs.4,999.00 instead of Rs.15,000.00:

Kolkata: 1N/2D Couple Stay in a Standard Room with Breakfast & MORE at Vedic Village

Rs.4,999.00instead ofRs.15,000.00View Groupon Vedic Village Kolkata

Rs.599.00 instead of Rs.1,523.00:

Gariahat Road: Chinese Combo Lunch OR Dinner for 2 Persons at Mirch Masala

Rs.599.00instead ofRs.1,523.00View Groupon Mirch Masala Kolkata


Online: Get Up to Rs.300 OFF for Apperal & Lifestyle Purchases on Myvishal

Rs.9.00View Groupon Kolkata

Rs.199.00 instead of Rs.500.00:

New Santhoshpur Road: Full Body Massage & MORE at Eyepopping Ladies Salon

Rs.199.00instead ofRs.500.00View Groupon Eyepopping Ladies Salon & Spa Kolkata

Rs.275.00 instead of Rs.300.00:

Pee Safe Multi Use Wet Wipes

Rs.275.00instead ofRs.300.00View Groupon Safety Kart Retail Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata

Rs.549.00 instead of Rs.799.00:

Piramal Lacto Calamine RENEU

Rs.549.00instead ofRs.799.00View Groupon Safety Kart Retail Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata

Rs.599.00 instead of Rs.1,999.00:

Dell Laptop Bag - Black

Rs.599.00instead ofRs.1,999.00View Groupon LAPCOM Peripherals Pvt Ltd Kolkata

Rs.399.00 instead of Rs.477.00:

Park Street: Choice of Veg / Non-Veg Lunch with 1 Drink at M Bar Kitchen

Rs.399.00instead ofRs.477.00View Groupon M Bar Kitchen Kolkata

Rs.199.00 instead of Rs.600.00:

Jodhpur Garden: Skin & Hair Care Packages at Rush Salon

Rs.199.00instead ofRs.600.00View Groupon Rush Salon Kolkata

Rs.499.00 instead of Rs.700.00:

South Tangra Road: 4-Course Meals & Drinks at Shun Li Bar & Restaurant

Rs.499.00instead ofRs.700.00View Groupon Shun Li Bar & Restaurant Kolkata

Rs.399.00 instead of Rs.3,100.00:

Rajarhat: Makeup Packages, Full Body Massages & MORE at Vegas Salon and Spa

Rs.399.00instead ofRs.3,100.00View Groupon Vegas Salon and Spa Kolkata

Rs.99.00 instead of Rs.500.00:

'Facebook for Business - 2014 Edition' Online Course by Smartgyaan

Rs.99.00instead ofRs.500.00View Groupon SmartGyaan Kolkata

Rs.99.00 instead of Rs.500.00:

'How To Build A Mobile App Business Without Coding' Online Course by Smartgyaan

Rs.99.00instead ofRs.500.00View Groupon SmartGyaan Kolkata

Rs.799.00 instead of Rs.13,365.00:

Online Service: 6 Module Weight Management Hypnotherapy Course at Weller Associates

Rs.799.00instead ofRs.13,365.00View Groupon Weller Associates Kolkata

Rs.899.00 instead of Rs.5,558.00:

Online: 'Resume Writing' Course at Courses for Success

Rs.899.00instead ofRs.5,558.00View Groupon Courses for success Kolkata


Online Services: Stand-up Comedy Course at Easyskillz

Rs.99.00View Groupon Easyskillz Kolkata

Rs.275.00 instead of Rs.785.00:

Baguiati: Hookah, Mocktails & MORE at Green House Kafe

Rs.275.00instead ofRs.785.00View Groupon Green House Kafe Kolkata

Rs.449.00 instead of Rs.485.00:

Cosco Footballs

Rs.449.00instead ofRs.485.00View Groupon Salasar Inc. Kolkata

Rs.749.00 instead of Rs.1,499.00:

Moon LED Light

Rs.749.00instead ofRs.1,499.00View Groupon Tamanna Exports Kolkata

Rs.449.00 instead of Rs.999.00:

Wall Clocks

Rs.449.00instead ofRs.999.00View Groupon Basement Bazaar Kolkata

Rs.299.00 instead of Rs.1,599.00:

Art Sets – 3 Options

Rs.299.00instead ofRs.1,599.00View Groupon Beast Technology Retail india Pvt Ltd Kolkata

Rs.99.00 instead of Rs.202.00:

Sarat Bose Road: 5-Course & South Indian Meals at Radhe Krishna Restaurant - Mangalam Hotel

Rs.99.00instead ofRs.202.00View Groupon Radhe Krishna Restaurant - Mangalam Hotel Kolkata

Rs.399.00 instead of Rs.2,850.00:

Tollygunge: Beauty & Grooming Packages at Lemon Family Salon

Rs.399.00instead ofRs.2,850.00View Groupon Lemon Family Salon Kolkata


Pay Rs.20 and Get Rs.200 OFF on your Bill at HideKraft

Rs.20.00View Groupon Hidekraft Kolkata

Rs.999.00 instead of Rs.76,035.00:

Public speaking course by Andy Harrington - The world’s highest paid speaking coach

Rs.999.00instead ofRs.76,035.00View Groupon e-Careers Kolkata

Rs.299.00 instead of Rs.5,046.00:

Online Service: Designer Resume & Cover Letters for 1 Person at e-Careers

Rs.299.00instead ofRs.5,046.00View Groupon e-Careers Kolkata

Rs.99.00 instead of Rs.3,500.00:

Ajc Bose Road: Full Body Yogic Massage & MORE at Real Yoga Wellness

Rs.99.00instead ofRs.3,500.00View Groupon Real Yoga Wellness Pvt Ltd. Kolkata

Rs.399.00 instead of Rs.555.00:

New Town: Buffet Breakfast for 1 Person at Ira Cafe

Rs.399.00instead ofRs.555.00View Groupon Pipal Tree Hotel Kolkata

Rs.595.00 instead of Rs.1,400.00:

Park Street: Drinks and Starters at Someplace Else - The Park

Rs.595.00instead ofRs.1,400.00View Groupon Someplace Else, The Park Kolkata

Rs.499.00 instead of Rs.1,075.00:

Decorative Table Lamp

Rs.499.00instead ofRs.1,075.00View Groupon Height of Designs Kolkata

Rs.2,499.00 instead of Rs.3,899.00:

Wilson Rush Swing Tennis Shoes for Men

Rs.2,499.00instead ofRs.3,899.00View Groupon Inspire Sports Kolkata


Animal Night Light

Rs.699.00View Groupon Tamanna Exports Kolkata

Rs.222.00 instead of Rs.1,140.00:

'Formatting MS Word for Amazon Kindle' Online Course by SmartGyaan

Rs.222.00instead ofRs.1,140.00View Groupon SmartGyaan Kolkata

Rs.499.00 instead of Rs.5,999.00:

'How to Build a Successful Start Up' Online Course by SmartGyaan

Rs.499.00instead ofRs.5,999.00View Groupon SmartGyaan Kolkata

Rs.599.00 instead of Rs.1,000.00:

Kolkata: 1N Stay OR Day Outing at Lake Land Country Club by Panchwati Holiday Resorts

Rs.599.00instead ofRs.1,000.00View Groupon Lake land country club Howrah Kolkata

Rs.20,999.00 instead of Rs.28,000.00:

Bangkok & Pattaya: 4N/5D Ex-Kolkata Fly & Stay Package with Flight Tickets, Sightseeing, Food, Airport Transfer & More!

Rs.20,999.00instead ofRs.28,000.00View Groupon Mak Tour and Holidays Kolkata

Rs.99.00 instead of Rs.4,000.00:

New Alipore: Choice of Dental Packages at Trust Dental Care

Rs.99.00instead ofRs.4,000.00View Groupon Trust Dental Care Kolkata

Rs.249.00 instead of Rs.270.00:

Cosco Club Leather Cricket Balls

Rs.249.00instead ofRs.270.00View Groupon Salasar Inc. Kolkata

Rs.4,499.00 instead of Rs.14,175.00:

Kolkata: 1N/2D Stay for 2 in a Deluxe Room with Breakfast & MORE at Park Prime Kolkata - Rated 4 on TripAdvisor

Rs.4,499.00instead ofRs.14,175.00View Groupon Park Prime Kolkata Kolkata

Rs.1,499.00 instead of Rs.3,500.00:

Digha: 1N//2D Stay for upto 4 Persons in a Choice of Rooms with Meals & MORE at Amantran Hotel

Rs.1,499.00instead ofRs.3,500.00View Groupon Amantran Hotel Kolkata


19 Cities: Get Rs.150 Free ride OR 25% OFF on ANY Cab Ride booked via App by Meru Cab

Rs.0.00View Groupon Meru Cab Company Pvt. Ltd Kolkata

Rs.349.00 instead of Rs.775.00:

Ballygunge: Sandwiches, Cake & MORE at Brewin at Park Plaza Kolkata

Rs.349.00instead ofRs.775.00View Groupon Nyon Yang at Park Plaza Kolkata Kolkata

Rs.199.00 instead of Rs.2,250.00:

Park Street: Up to 10 Months Gym Membership at Kick Fitness Gym

Rs.199.00instead ofRs.2,250.00View Groupon Kick Fitness Gym Kolkata

Rs.925.00 instead of Rs.1,800.00:

Police Perfumes for Men and Women

Rs.925.00instead ofRs.1,800.00View Groupon Groupon Goods - CAS Kolkata

Rs.1,099.00 instead of Rs.4,800.00:

Carrera Perfume 100 ml Men EDT (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

Rs.1,099.00instead ofRs.4,800.00View Groupon Groupon Goods - CAS Kolkata

Rs.1,999.00 instead of Rs.2,999.00:

10000 mAh Portable Power Bank

Rs.1,999.00instead ofRs.2,999.00View Groupon AXL Kolkata

Rs.399.00 instead of Rs.1,040.00:

Golf Gardens: Oriental, Seafood & Continental Meals at The Mango Tree

Rs.399.00instead ofRs.1,040.00View Groupon The Mango Tree Kolkata

Rs.299.00 instead of Rs.735.00:

6 Locations: Hookah, Pasta, Nachos, Drinks & MORE at Aqua Java

Rs.299.00instead ofRs.735.00View Groupon Aqua Java Kolkata

Rs.399.00 instead of Rs.3,250.00:

Naktala Road: Full Body Massage, Haircut, Hair Spa, Facial & MORE at Pravada Unisex Family Salon & Spa

Rs.399.00instead ofRs.3,250.00View Groupon Pravada Unisex Family Salon & Spa - Naktala Kolkata

Rs.449.00 instead of Rs.806.00:

South City Mall: Buffet Lunch or Dinner with Drinks at Sarson

Rs.449.00instead ofRs.806.00View Groupon Sarson Kolkata

Rs.599.00 instead of Rs.16,000.00:

SAP Courses with Video Content & MORE at lginfotech: Online Service

Rs.599.00instead ofRs.16,000.00View Groupon lginfotech Kolkata

Rs.210.00 instead of Rs.300.00:

Kochpukur: Dayout Destination - UNLIMITED Water Rides, Stay in Aquahut & MORE at Aquatica

Rs.210.00instead ofRs.300.00View Groupon Aquatica Kolkata

Rs.199.00 instead of Rs.900.00:

Ballygunge: Waxing, Haircut, Massage, Facial & MORE at Aura Salon

Rs.199.00instead ofRs.900.00View Groupon Aura Salon Kolkata

Rs.299.00 instead of Rs.795.00:

2-Layer Lunch Box – 3 Colors

Rs.299.00instead ofRs.795.00View Groupon Tamanna Exports Kolkata

Rs.175.00 instead of Rs.600.00:

Salt Lake: Beauty Services at Pooja's Hair and Beauty Family Salon

Rs.175.00instead ofRs.600.00View Groupon Pooja's Hair and Beauty Family Salon Kolkata

Rs.599.00 instead of Rs.2,030.00:

Ballygunge: Starters, Pizzas & Drinks at Nirvana Lounge - Park Plaza

Rs.599.00instead ofRs.2,030.00View Groupon Nirvana Lounge, Park Plaza Kolkata

Rs.550.00 instead of Rs.930.00:

Quest Mall, Syed Amir Ali Avenue: 4-Course Veg/ Non-Veg Meal for 2 Persons at Masala Kitchen

Rs.550.00instead ofRs.930.00View Groupon Masala Kitchen Kolkata

Rs.2,499.00 instead of Rs.4,799.00:

Mandarmoni: 1N/2D Couple Stay in a Deluxe Room with Breakfast at Anutri Beach Resort

Rs.2,499.00instead ofRs.4,799.00View Groupon Anutri Beach Resort Kolkata

Rs.499.00 instead of Rs.5,500.00:

Online Service: Up to 12 Month Access to German, Spanish, Italian, French OR Business English Classes by Funmedia

Rs.499.00instead ofRs.5,500.00View Groupon Funmedia Kolkata


Pay Rs.99 Now & Get Rs.500 OFF on All Electronics & Accessories at Ezone- 94 Stores Across India

Rs.99.00View Groupon FUTURE RETAIL LTD - EZONE Kolkata

Rs.299.00 instead of Rs.950.00:

Circus Avenue: Buffet Lunch OR Dinner at Haji Saheb Restaurant

Rs.299.00instead ofRs.950.00View Groupon Haji Saheb Restaurant Kolkata

Rs.1,999.00 instead of Rs.4,200.00:

Kodak Collections theme based designed and printed imagewrap photobook

Rs.1,999.00instead ofRs.4,200.00View Groupon Kodak Collections Kolkata

Rs.199.00 instead of Rs.800.00:

Lake Market: Choice of Beauty Packages at Shreya Total Beauty Solution for Ladies

Rs.199.00instead ofRs.800.00View Groupon Shreya Total Beauty Solution Kolkata

Rs.99.00 instead of Rs.900.00:

Aurobinda Sarani: Salon Services at Atry's Beauty Clinic and Make Over Studio

Rs.99.00instead ofRs.900.00View Groupon Atry's Beauty Clinic and Make Over Studio Kolkata

Rs.499.00 instead of Rs.3,000.00:

Online Service: Total Juicing Course at Green Minutes Canada

Rs.499.00instead ofRs.3,000.00View Groupon Green Minutes Canada Kolkata

Rs.699.00 instead of Rs.1,999.00:

Mushroom Shaped Speakers

Rs.699.00instead ofRs.1,999.00View Groupon Laptop originals Kolkata

Rs.1,349.00 instead of Rs.2,099.00:

Aditi Wasan Sand Brogues

Rs.1,349.00instead ofRs.2,099.00View Groupon WASAN OVERSEAS PVT. LTD. Kolkata

Rs.199.00 instead of Rs.300.00:

Circus Row: Birthday Cakes & Open Vouchers at Creme Caramel

Rs.199.00instead ofRs.300.00View Groupon Creme Caramel Kolkata

Rs.899.00 instead of Rs.10,088.00:

Online: Anger Management Course from Courses for Success

Rs.899.00instead ofRs.10,088.00View Groupon Courses for success Kolkata

Rs.199.00 instead of Rs.300.00:

Ray Street: A Game of Paintball with 52 Pellets for 20min at Breakout

Rs.199.00instead ofRs.300.00View Groupon Breakout Kolkata

Rs.374.00 instead of Rs.499.00:

Fashion Masala Surfing Flip-Flops for Men

Rs.374.00instead ofRs.499.00View Groupon Ace Footmark Kolkata

Rs.399.00 instead of Rs.1,099.00:

YOLO Esa Fashion Tote Bag with Coin Pouch for Women

Rs.399.00instead ofRs.1,099.00View Groupon YOLO Kolkata

Rs.249.00 instead of Rs.787.00:

Theatre Road: Choice of Laser tag, Mocktails & MORE at The Next Level

Rs.249.00instead ofRs.787.00View Groupon The Next Level Kolkata

Rs.225.00 instead of Rs.700.00:

Rajarhat: Choice of Chinese / Indian Meals at Gamma's The World Cuisine

Rs.225.00instead ofRs.700.00View Groupon Gamma's The World Cuisine Kolkata

Rs.222.00 instead of Rs.1,140.00:

'Best Selling Keywords for Amazon Authors' Online Video Based Course by Smartgyaan

Rs.222.00instead ofRs.1,140.00View Groupon SmartGyaan Kolkata

Rs.399.00 instead of Rs.8,000.00:

Lake Market: Hair, Skin & Double Chin Treatment Packages at Dr. Roy's Wellness Clinic

Rs.399.00instead ofRs.8,000.00View Groupon Dr. Roy's Wellness Clinic Kolkata

Rs.199.00 instead of Rs.2,000.00:

5 Branches: 10 Sessions of Aerobics Master Training Classes at Active Aerobics

Rs.199.00instead ofRs.2,000.00View Groupon Active Aerobics Kolkata

Rs.199.00 instead of Rs.700.00:

Southern Avenue: Salon Packages for Men and Women at Haute! Salon Spa Clinic

Rs.199.00instead ofRs.700.00View Groupon Haute! Salon. Spa. Clinic Kolkata

Rs.650.00 instead of Rs.836.00:

Salt Lake: Sunday Brunch with UNLIMITED Drinks at Aura - The Sonnet

Rs.650.00instead ofRs.836.00View Groupon The Sonnet Kolkata

Rs.299.00 instead of Rs.950.00:

Desopriya Park: Hookah, Pizza or Pasta and MORE at Cafe Bistro

Rs.299.00instead ofRs.950.00View Groupon Cafe Bistro Kolkata

Rs.499.00 instead of Rs.1,140.00:

Ruby Bypass: Chinese Combo Lunch/Dinner for 2 Persons at Sanjha Chulha - Zhen

Rs.499.00instead ofRs.1,140.00View Groupon Sanjha Chulha - ZHEN Kolkata

Rs.1,649.00 instead of Rs.2,353.00:

Mandarmoni: 1N/2D Stay with Meals and MORE at Masara Beach Resort

Rs.1,649.00instead ofRs.2,353.00View Groupon Masara Beach Resort Kolkata

Rs.699.00 instead of Rs.3,299.00:

AJC Bose Road: Starters, Drinks, Nachos & MORE at Virgose - HHI

Rs.699.00instead ofRs.3,299.00View Groupon Virgose - HHI Kolkata

Rs.299.00 instead of Rs.1,000.00:

Ballygunge: Full Body Massage, FIR Detox & MORE at The Aura Spa

Rs.299.00instead ofRs.1,000.00View Groupon The Aura Spa Kolkata

Rs.4,199.00 instead of Rs.5,388.00:

Mandarmoni: 1N/2D Stay for 2 in a Lords/ Duke Room with FREE Internet at Victoria Beach Resort

Rs.4,199.00instead ofRs.5,388.00View Groupon Victoria Beach Resort Kolkata

Rs.375.00 instead of Rs.599.00:

5-Piece Knife Set with a Wooden Block Stand

Rs.375.00instead ofRs.599.00View Groupon Tamanna Exports Kolkata

Rs.549.00 instead of Rs.900.00:

New Town: Buffet with UNLIMITED Mocktails at Tamara Restaurant, Pipal Tree

Rs.549.00instead ofRs.900.00View Groupon Pipal Tree Hotel Kolkata

Rs.599.00 instead of Rs.4,500.00:

Online Photography Course by World Photography School

Rs.599.00instead ofRs.4,500.00View Groupon World Photography School Kolkata

Rs.999.00 instead of Rs.41,269.00:

Online Service: 18-Module Online Photography Course with Certificate by Ultimate Photography, UK

Rs.999.00instead ofRs.41,269.00View Groupon Ultimate Photography Kolkata

Rs.549.00 instead of Rs.2,807.00:

Online Service: 5-Year Premium Plus Subscription to MyUniverse - Aditya Birla Money MyUniverse

Rs.549.00instead ofRs.2,807.00View Groupon Aditya Birla Money MyUniverse Kolkata

Rs.1,449.00 instead of Rs.3,650.00:

Giordano Dual Time Leather Watch for Men

Rs.1,449.00instead ofRs.3,650.00View Groupon Tamanna Exports Kolkata

Rs.299.00 instead of Rs.700.00:

Short Street: Japanese OR Thai Meals at The Sushi Oke

Rs.299.00instead ofRs.700.00View Groupon The Sushi Oke Kolkata

Rs.499.00 instead of Rs.2,850.00:

Salt Lake: Beauty Services at Lime Trendz Hair & Skin Studio

Rs.499.00instead ofRs.2,850.00View Groupon Lime Trendz


11 Locations: Food & Drink Voucher worth Rs.200 at Wow!Momo

Rs.20.00View Groupon Wow! Momo Kolkata

Rs.199.00 instead of Rs.800.00:

Lake Town: Haircut, Facial, Hair Spa, Straightening & MORE at Diva Hair and Skin Salon for Ladies

Rs.199.00instead ofRs.800.00View Groupon Diva Hair and Skin Salon for Ladies Kolkata

Rs.175.00 instead of Rs.300.00:

Axis Mall: F&B Voucher and 5-Course Meal at Kafe Shot

Rs.175.00instead ofRs.300.00View Groupon Kafe Shot Kolkata

Rs.299.00 instead of Rs.700.00:

Salt Lake: Full Body Massage, Reflexology & MORE at Oriental Spa

Rs.299.00instead ofRs.700.00View Groupon Oriental Spa Kolkata

Rs.99.00 instead of Rs.350.00:

Lake Town: Beauty / Grooming Services at Sparlour Family Beauty Salon & Spa

Rs.99.00instead ofRs.350.00View Groupon Sparlour Family Beauty Salon &Spa Kolkata

Rs.199.00 instead of Rs.600.00:

2 Locations: Beauty / Wellness Services at Trends N Style

Rs.199.00instead ofRs.600.00View Groupon Trends N Style Kolkata

Rs.99.00 instead of Rs.150.00:

Southern Avenue: Lunch OR Dinner at The Eye Within Club

Rs.99.00instead ofRs.150.00View Groupon The Eye Within Club Kolkata

Rs.149.00 instead of Rs.400.00:

Nasiruddin Road: Full Body Massage, Hair Spa, Manicure & MORE at 2 Step Up

Rs.149.00instead ofRs.400.00View Groupon 2 Step Up Kolkata

Rs.349.00 instead of Rs.400.00:

Kolkata: Day Outing with Adventure Activities OR 1N Stay for 2 with Breakfast & MORE at IBIZA Merlin Resort

Rs.349.00instead ofRs.400.00View Groupon IBIZA Merlin Resort Kolkata

Rs.499.00 instead of Rs.650.00:

Park Street: Buffet Dinner & Choice of 1 Drink for 1 Person at The Park Pavillion - Jameson Inn Shiraz

Rs.499.00instead ofRs.650.00View Groupon The Park Pavillion, Jameson Inn Kolkata

Rs.599.00 instead of Rs.954.00:

Salt Lake: Exotic Buffet & MORE at DeSovrani

Rs.599.00instead ofRs.954.00View Groupon DeSovrani Kolkata

Rs.199.00 instead of Rs.800.00:

Kestopur: Haircut, Foot Reflexology, Straightening, Waxing & MORE at Cedare De Salon and Spa

Rs.199.00instead ofRs.800.00View Groupon Cedare De Salon and Spa Kolkata

Rs.275.00 instead of Rs.500.00:

Salt Lake: Valentine Day Offers and MORE at Dhansiri Restaurant

Rs.275.00instead ofRs.500.00View Groupon Dhansiri Restaurant Kolkata

Rs.399.00 instead of Rs.1,300.00:

South City Mall: Activity Package for 1 Person at Timezone Entertainment

Rs.399.00instead ofRs.1,300.00View Groupon Timezone Entertainment Vadodra Kolkata

Rs.199.00 instead of Rs.500.00:

Rashbehari Avenue: Beauty & Grooming Services at Roselay Beauty Salon & Clinic

Rs.199.00instead ofRs.500.00View Groupon Roselay Beauty Salon & Clinic Kolkata

Rs.550.00 instead of Rs.1,700.00:

Bangur Avenue: 4-Course Meal at The Yellow Chilli

Rs.550.00instead ofRs.1,700.00View Groupon The Yellow Chilli Kolkata

Rs.899.00 instead of Rs.19,200.00:

Online Service: Course on Business Analysis at Excel with Business

Rs.899.00instead ofRs.19,200.00View Groupon Excel with Business Kolkata

Rs.799.00 instead of Rs.1,700.00:

Pick-Up & Drop: Washing / Dry-Cleaning / Ironing at The LaLiT Great Eastern

Rs.799.00instead ofRs.1,700.00View Groupon The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata Kolkata

Rs.499.00 instead of Rs.24,800.00:

Online: Lifetime Access to Photography Courses

Rs.499.00instead ofRs.24,800.00View Groupon PhotoSchool Kolkata

Rs.3,699.00 instead of Rs.9,177.00:

Mandarmoni: 1N/2D Stay for 2 with Breakfast & MORE at Rose Valley Beach Resort

Rs.3,699.00instead ofRs.9,177.00View Groupon Rose Valley Resort Kolkata

Rs.599.00 instead of Rs.19,422.00:

6 OR 12 Month Online English Courses by British Language Centre

Rs.599.00instead ofRs.19,422.00View Groupon British Language Centre Kolkata


Up to Rs.300 OFF at RailTiffin, Order Online OR Via Phone

Rs.19.00View Groupon Kolkata

Rs.299.00 instead of Rs.900.00:

Upohar Town Center: Full Body Massage, Scrub, Manicure & MORE at The Shabali Spa

Rs.299.00instead ofRs.900.00View Groupon The Shabali Spa Kolkata

Rs.349.00 instead of Rs.799.00:

5Pc Storage Container Set and Multi Utility Kitchen Scissor

Rs.349.00instead ofRs.799.00View Groupon Tamanna Exports Kolkata

Rs.5,777.00 instead of Rs.14,090.00:

Kolkata: 1N/2D Weekend Stay for 2 in a Deluxe Room with Breakfast at The Pride Hotel

Rs.5,777.00instead ofRs.14,090.00View Groupon The Pride Hotel, Kolkata Kolkata

Rs.499.00 instead of Rs.4,000.00:

3 Locations: Choice of Salon Services for Women at Susmita's

Rs.499.00instead ofRs.4,000.00View Groupon Susmitas Kolkata

Rs.525.00 instead of Rs.715.00:

Shakespeare Sarani: Welcome Drink & Buffet Lunch for 1 Person at The Astor

Rs.525.00instead ofRs.715.00View Groupon Kebab-e-Que, The Astor Kolkata

Rs.799.00 instead of Rs.2,500.00:

Somnath Lahiri Sarini: Choice of Full Body Massage & Shower at Spa Namaa

Rs.799.00instead ofRs.2,500.00View Groupon Spa Namaa Kolkata

Rs.499.00 instead of Rs.2,200.00:

Kankurgachi: Indian / Chinese / Continental Lunch & Dinner at Go Green

Rs.499.00instead ofRs.2,200.00View Groupon Go Green Kolkata

Rs.149.00 instead of Rs.500.00:

IT Return Filing & MORE at Tax Freedom Management Services

Rs.149.00instead ofRs.500.00View Groupon Tax Freedom Management Services Kolkata

Rs.699.00 instead of Rs.1,500.00:

Salt Lake: Choice of Full Body Massages, Scrub & MORE at The Soul Spa

Rs.699.00instead ofRs.1,500.00View Groupon The Soul Spa Kolkata


Innerwear Pouch – 7 Colors

Rs.375.00View Groupon Tamanna Exports Kolkata

Rs.399.00 instead of Rs.7,999.00:

6 OR 12 Month Access to SpeedRead / TypeFast Online Course by Funmedia

Rs.399.00instead ofRs.7,999.00View Groupon Funmedia Kolkata

Rs.499.00 instead of Rs.2,850.00:

Jadavpur: Choice of Salon & Wellness Packages at Guyz N Galz Family Salon & Spa

Rs.499.00instead ofRs.2,850.00View Groupon Guyz N Galz

Rs.499.00 instead of Rs.2,650.00:

Gariahat Road: Choice of Beauty & Wellness Services at Purple Orchid Salon & Spa

Rs.499.00instead ofRs.2,650.00View Groupon Purple Orchid Salon & Spa Kolkata

Rs.349.00 instead of Rs.500.00:

Pan India Offer: INOX Gift Voucher worth Rs. 500

Rs.349.00instead ofRs.500.00View Groupon INOX Kolkata

Rs.999.00 instead of Rs.1,500.00:

Rajdanga Main Road: Buffet Dinner & Drinks at The Gateway Hotel

Rs.999.00instead ofRs.1,500.00View Groupon The Gateway Hotel Kolkata Kolkata

Rs.99.00 instead of Rs.2,875.00:

Prince Anwar Shah Road: Choice of Dental Packages at Smart Profiles

Rs.99.00instead ofRs.2,875.00View Groupon Smart Profiles Kolkata

Rs.0.00 instead of Rs.3,500.00:

Lal Bazar Street: Pay NOTHING Now to Get upto 80% discount at Men's World

Rs.0.00instead ofRs.3,500.00View Groupon Men's World Kolkata

Rs.249.00 instead of Rs.500.00:

Ballygunge Place: Beauty Services at La Mode Salon and Spa

Rs.249.00instead ofRs.500.00View Groupon La Mode Salon and Spa Kolkata

Rs.3,699.00 instead of Rs.5,478.00:

Darjeeling: 1N/2D Couple Stay in a Deluxe Room with Meals & MORE at Sinclairs

Rs.3,699.00instead ofRs.5,478.00View Groupon Sinclairs Kolkata

Rs.4,799.00 instead of Rs.11,800.00:

Darjeeling: 2 OR 3N Stay for 2 in a Standard Room with Breakfast at Central Gleneagles Heritage Resort, Ranked 3 on TripAdvisor

Rs.4,799.00instead ofRs.11,800.00View Groupon Central Gleneagles Heritage Resort Kolkata

Rs.4,499.00 instead of Rs.17,180.00:

Darjeeling: 2N OR 3N Stay for 2 in Standard Room with Breakfast at Central Heritage

Rs.4,499.00instead ofRs.17,180.00View Groupon Central Heritage Kolkata

Rs.3,499.00 instead of Rs.6,600.00:

Gangtok: 2 OR 3N Stay for 2 in a Standard Room with Breakfast at Central Hotel

Rs.3,499.00instead ofRs.6,600.00View Groupon Central Hotel Kolkata

Rs.4,799.00 instead of Rs.12,883.00:

Darjeeling: 2 OR 3N Stay for 2 in a Deluxe Room with Breakfast at Central Nirvana

Rs.4,799.00instead ofRs.12,883.00View Groupon Central Nirvana Kolkata

Rs.399.00 instead of Rs.3,850.00:

Gariahat: Full Body Massage & MORE at Gaalah Beauty Salon & Spa

Rs.399.00instead ofRs.3,850.00View Groupon Gaalah Beauty Salon & Spa Clinic Kolkata

Rs.499.00 instead of Rs.1,500.00:

Salt Lake Stadium: Beauty & Salon Salon Services at Samsara Salon - Nail & Bridal Studio

Rs.499.00instead ofRs.1,500.00View Groupon Samsara Salon - Nail & Bridal Studio Kolkata

Rs.999.00 instead of Rs.2,600.00:

4 Locations: Full Body Massage, Hair Straightening & MORE at Turn UR Head

Rs.999.00instead ofRs.2,600.00View Groupon Turn UR Head Kolkata

Rs.149.00 instead of Rs.700.00:

Tollygunge: Beauty Services for Women at Depdipa’s Beauty Clinic & Spa

Rs.149.00instead ofRs.700.00View Groupon Debdipa's Beauty Clinic & Spa Kolkata

Rs.199.00 instead of Rs.800.00:

Kankurgachi: Facial, Waxing, Haircut & MORE at Turn Styles Hair & Beauty Clinic

Rs.199.00instead ofRs.800.00View Groupon Turn Styles


Salt Lake: 50% OFF Entry and Adventure Rides at Nicco Park

Rs.19.00View Groupon Nicco Park Kolkata

Rs.399.00 instead of Rs.800.00:

2 Locations: Full Body Massage, Polishing & MORE at Amzadd Habibb Hair & Beauty Beauty Lounge

Rs.399.00instead ofRs.800.00View Groupon Amzadd Habibb Hair & beauty Lounge Kolkata

Rs.399.00 instead of Rs.3,285.00:

Salon Services at Trendz Hair & Beauty Salon, NSC Bose Road

Rs.399.00instead ofRs.3,285.00View Groupon Trendz Hair & Beauty Salon, Garia Near Gitanjali Metro Station Kolkata

Rs.449.00 instead of Rs.1,800.00:

AJC Bose Road: Buffet Meal, Evening Snacks & MORE at Mythh - HHI

Rs.449.00instead ofRs.1,800.00View Groupon Mythh-HHI Kolkata

Rs.249.00 instead of Rs.1,100.00:

2 Locations: Choice of Salon Services at Amzadd Habibb Hair & Beauty Lounge

Rs.249.00instead ofRs.1,100.00View Groupon Amzadd Habibb Hair & beauty Lounge Kolkata

Rs.4,999.00 instead of Rs.8,000.00:

Sunderbans: One-Day River Cruise & Stay Packages with Meals, Transfers and MORE by Amantran Group

Rs.4,999.00instead ofRs.8,000.00View Groupon MB Amantran, Sundarbans Kolkata

Rs.425.00 instead of Rs.540.00:

Ballygunge: Indian/Continental Lunch, BBQ Buffet & Sunday Brunch at Jhaal Farezi

Rs.425.00instead ofRs.540.00View Groupon Jhaal Farezi Kolkata

Rs.5,499.00 instead of Rs.12,000.00:

Kolkata: 1N/2D Weekend Stay for 2 in Imperial Room with Meals, Discounts & MORE at HHI

Rs.5,499.00instead ofRs.12,000.00View Groupon HHI Kolkata Kolkata

Rs.499.00 instead of Rs.2,550.00:

Hindustan Road: Beauty Services at Thee Eevzen Salon & Spa

Rs.499.00instead ofRs.2,550.00View Groupon Thee Eevzen Salon & Spa Kolkata

Rs.599.00 instead of Rs.3,650.00:

AJC Bose Road: Starters & Drinks for 2 at Underground

Rs.599.00instead ofRs.3,650.00View Groupon Underground Kolkata

Rs.499.00 instead of Rs.3,000.00:

Kankurgachi: Beauty Services at Cut N Dry

Rs.499.00instead ofRs.3,000.00View Groupon Cut N Dry Kolkata

Rs.4,499.00 instead of Rs.8,000.00:

Kolkata: 1N/2D Weekend Stay in Superior Room with Meals at Hotel Peerless Inn

Rs.4,499.00instead ofRs.8,000.00View Groupon Hotel Peerless Inn - Weekend Staycation Offer Kolkata

Rs.799.00 instead of Rs.2,500.00:

Mandarmani: 1N/2D Stay for 2 in a Choice of Rooms at Ajoy Minar Hotel Mandarmoni

Rs.799.00instead ofRs.2,500.00View Groupon Ajoy Minar Hotel Kolkata

Rs.549.00 instead of Rs.1,450.00:

AJC Bose Road: Food & Drinks for upto 2 Persons at Kalash - HHI

Rs.549.00instead ofRs.1,450.00View Groupon Kalash - The HHI Kolkata

Rs.199.00 instead of Rs.600.00:

Salt Lake: Beauty Services at Get Gorgeous

Rs.199.00instead ofRs.600.00View Groupon Get Gorgeous Kolkata

Rs.499.00 instead of Rs.2,550.00:

Gurusaday Road: Salon Services at Trendz Hair & Beauty Salon

Rs.499.00instead ofRs.2,550.00View Groupon Trendz Hair & Beauty Salon Kolkata

Rs.1,499.00 instead of Rs.3,300.00:

Mandarmoni:1N/2D Stay for 2 with Breakfast & MORE at Sea Star Resort

Rs.1,499.00instead ofRs.3,300.00View Groupon Sea Star Resort Kolkata

Rs.110.00 instead of Rs.180.00:

Loudon Street: Choice of Frozen Yogurt, Sandwiches & More at Yoforia

Rs.110.00instead ofRs.180.00View Groupon Yoforia Kolkata

Rs.79.00 instead of Rs.120.00:

Laketown: Sandwich, Drink & Food Voucher worth Rs.200 at Toaste Adda

Rs.79.00instead ofRs.120.00View Groupon Toaste Adda Kolkata

Rs.999.00 instead of Rs.3,330.00:

Salt Lake City: Choice of Wellness Packages at Club Prana Spa - A Hyatt Regency

Rs.999.00instead ofRs.3,330.00View Groupon Club Prana Spa - A Hyatt Regency Kolkata

Rs.599.00 instead of Rs.1,500.00:

Salt Lake: 5-Course Veg / Non-Veg Lunch OR Dinner at The Pearl Hotel

Rs.599.00instead ofRs.1,500.00View Groupon The Pearl Hotel Kolkata

Rs.499.00 instead of Rs.1,605.00:

Southern Avenue: 3-Course Lunch / Dinner for 1 Person at The Enchilada

Rs.499.00instead ofRs.1,605.00View Groupon The Enchilada Kolkata

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